24 February 2014

Coexisting at a Safe Distance

This is about as close as Bindi allows Tember to get.  And given Tember's licky nature, I don't blame her.

15 January 2014

Bitten by the Lego Bug

It's official: Sebastian has been bitten by the Lego bug.  He spends most of his free time building with Legos these days.  Mostly, he likes making up his own stuff, but he does a good job following the directions on the kits, too.  Oh, and he's learned to use my camera, which means I keep finding extreme close-up shots of Lego structures on it.  And I've got to do something with those.  So here you go.

08 January 2014

Comics: A Love Story

I should be clear that I knew about the Comic Book Issue when I agreed to marry Nick.  I just didn't realize the boys would inherit the condition so young.  Gift opening ground to a halt Christmas morning once all three Hoskins boys had their new comics.  Which left Beth and me free to spend some valuable time with with our  Christmas chocolates.  So I guess it was a win-win?